Microbrewery & Distillery

Prästgården's Microbrewery & Distillery, located in the vicarage's historic brewhouse, create a range of craft beers and spirits which can be sampled in our hotel bar. Our own Stout, IPA and Lager can usually be found on tap, along with seasonally available ciders, spirits and limited edition beers.

Craft Brewery Sweden - Prästgården Brewery, Söderhamn
Microbrewery - Prästgården's Microbrewery, Söderhamn
Bar & Restaurant - Prästgården Hotel, Gävleborg

Prästgården's Microbrewery & Distillery

A short five minute drive from the E4, the 1,000 mile road which traverses Sweden from north to sourth, and two hours due north of the capital Stockholm, Prästgården Hotel is also accessible by public transport, with Söderhamn's Travel Centre, comprising rail & bus links, located a 10 minute walk away.

Enquiries & reservations can be made by telephone or email, with hotel bookings also possible via our website.

tel: +46 (0)73-330 34 18

Prästgårdsgatan 3
Sõderhamn 82632
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